Smoothies and juices

Smoothies should be integral part of our life cycle during the summer days. It has different kinds of taste, they are delightfully refreshing and nutritious. Smoothies do not contain any additives or food colors, they are all natural, extremely quick to prepare and good for the children too.

Smoothies are tasty and often colorful and beautiful, which makes it easy to encourage the whole family to eat more fruits, berries and vegetables. Nutritional therapist and other experts constantly recommend having Smoothies. This can be great thing for parents, which can be difficult to inspire the struggling kids to eat. Some of the Smoothies give lots of energy at early morning or in the afternoon.

 You can prepare it from fruits, berries, vegetables or from combinations of all. Extra flavor is never needed, and if there is needed some extra sweet usually honey is added, but its better to avoid sugar.

Stay tuned for the next days will be posting smoothie and juice recipes.

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